Who were the Nephalim?
Who were the Nephalim?
Gen. 6:1-4

Concerning the Nephilim: this is a time when it's important to
know Hebrew and I'd suggest any and everyone to try and learn it if
at all possible (same goes for Greek). When reading this passage in
Hebrew it makes perfect sense. The word “nephil” means "giant". The
masculine plural form is “nephilim”. All masculine plurals in Hebrew
end in “im” (pronounced "eem").

Were there giants in ancient days? Yes there were. We know of Goliath in 1 Sam 17. But here's the misunderstanding. We often think of giants in the way of the giant from say "Jack and the bean stalk.” Some humanoid form the size of a small skyscraper, or some other medieval conception. This was not
what a giant was. Goliath was by most estimates nine feet tall. This
term would include some of our NBA players of today, although they'd
be a little short. There are some new excavations that have verified
the existence of these "giants.”

Not far from our base in Sardinia in Italy they have uncovered tombs that are over nine feet in length. This place is called "The Tomb of the Giants." The tribe of Philistines from this area are called the "Shardana". This very well may have been where Goliath was from. The Philistines prior to that were from farther north. We do know they were Caucasian and blue eyed (originally probably Nordic). We can tell from the bones and the pigmentation of ones skin. From their paintings of themselves we see the color of their eyes. The Philistines that settled in Israel were mostly in the Gaza area. Today you will see, from time to time, Palestinians from that area who still have the blue eyes and that is from when the Philistines mixed with the Arab populace centuries ago.

What happens with Genesis 6 is some will see the term "sons of G-d"
and interpret that as meaning spirit beings. This is in no way true.
The sons of G-d simply mean righteous men. We see Jesus use this
same term in a very well known passage but those propagating
a "super human race" haven't connected the dots. You may remember
this passage in Mt 5:9: Blessed are the peacemakers, because they
will be called what??? The sons of God!!! If the sons of G-d are
some super human race who has faded out, then what does this mean?
That they have come back? LOL No, it means righteous men. So, what
happened here in Genesis 6?

Well, back in the ancient days of Noah when there were still groups or tribes of large people who were around 12 feet tall, there were some righteous men who fell and began marrying these women even though they were not girls who followed G-d and they had families with these women and they themselves turned their back on G-d. That's it. Nothing more then that.
We know that spirits cannot have sex with people! The Bible says in Matt 22:30
For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. So angles do not marry or reproduce, there's no need for them to. There are no "baby angels"! Demons are fallen angels (angel means, "messenger" in Greek) so they too don't have reproductive organs. So the idea that demons were having sex with women is simply ridicules.

The Bible is full of
wonders, so we don't need to look for anything more fantastic then it
already is. There's no super-human race unless of course you add
some of the members of the NBA.

If anyone is interested in who the Philistines were, I will soon be
posting this and more information on this site. It's quite a study. 
I will be posting pictures from some of the digs I've been on in
Israel and some of the Philistine artefacts I've found there and in
other places such as in Europe etc.

Shalom in Yeshua,

Rabbi Stanley

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Teresa from Pearland, Texas
I enjoyed this articcle, but why do you not spell out GOD??

Rabbi Stanley
Out of respect to Jews who do not write out the name of G-d.

Steve from Arkansas
Very well said.

Rabbi Stanley

Joshua from San Antonio
Yes, Angels and Fallen Angels do not marry, but that does not mean they cannot have sex with humans. Demons can physically manifest themselves and shape shift. Sex with demons (UFO's)will alter human DNA: Neanderthal, Nephalim, other humanoids.

Karen from Texas
Many inaccuracies and suppositions

Rabbi Stanley
Angels are "not given in marriage" means they don't have sexual relations, otherwise marriage and given in marriage is redundant. If there are any inaccuracies, please post instead of just stating that and giving nothing to back it up.

Sharon from Louisiana
I was pretty disappointed with the article. I am pretty in tune with God and I ask Him plenty questions. He is the one who told me about the "shifty" people. They do shape-shift. I have pictures of politicians shape-shifting in their pics on my w.

Rabbi Stanley
I'm guessing you didn't finish that sentence cause you had to take your meds.

GWH from Australia
Does anyone know if there are DNA Test results of any Phillistine Giants found on record that could be compared with. Reason I ask is that I have some of Goliath's features [extra fingers, etc], family originates from areas occupied by Scythians, family name is in the Bible [it is a rare one] and there was discovered in Ukraine the remains of ancient City [near where family is from] as documented by Herodotus. Also, does anyone know of Link between Biblical Giants and them having Brain Tumours?

Arnold Lane from England
The nephalim were a mixture of fallen anles and human beings.
Yes angels are capable of taking on diffrent forms. And i belive they disobeyed god and indulged in illicit unions with the human race [females] and the nephilim race was the result.

Daniel from Texas, USA
Ironic that last night on the Family Channel there was a movie called "Fallen" about this very subject. Of course, I don't expect Hollywood to worry about being accurate in their portrayals! Good background information. Thank you.

m man
Dr. KC Price's son has a sermon that claims angels had sex with women, it's called "What in hell do you want ?" I knew it was not correct. He incorrectly assumes that "Sons of God", refers to angels. Totally wrong.

Wulfgirl from Sacramento, CA
Thanks for putting out an reasonable interpretation of what Nephilim (giants) were. Too many people think that what a TV show says (ie. Nephilim are the children of angels) is fact without trying to verify such ideas.

Wulfgirl from Sacramento, CA
I think the Biblical story of the Nephilim might be based on the ancient Summerian myths of the Annunaki. These beings are sometimes shown with wings, but in at least one picture have the head of an eagle. Many ancient myths speak of divine beings having relations with human women. Aliens? Divine beings? or mythic constructs? What do you think?

Rabbi Stanley
Well, I'm glad this has generated some thought at least. I do hope it will cause you to get into Scripture and check it out. There are many "Biblical Myths" out there and I hope to dispel them one by one.

monique from malta
hello i am from malta...................i am doing a course in angelolgh. i like to learn about these things. i believe that angels are spirits and can take the form of anything they want to. so yes i deeply believe that angels can make love to woman becouse God created love so i do not think that these so called "FALLEN ANGELS"can be punised from god! can you give me your opinion pls.

Pat from Orlando, FL
I have researched this subject at great length and I respectfully disagree with Rabbi Stanley. The Apocryphal Book of Enoch is a great reference point to this very subject. However, in the scripture you will find: I Corinthians 11:7-10... I have other references that I will post at another time, however, the truth is out there...

Another typical "higher critic" to tell all of us unwashed out here how ignorant we all are for thinking that the Bible does not mean what it say's. The fallen angels had sexual relations with the daughters of Adam just like Satan sexually seduced Eve and she had Cain.

Why would righteous men (sons of God) having sex with non-righteous women create a possible genetic anomaly. Righteous men today have sex with non-righteous women and we dont see nephilim offspring.

Julie from Canada
wow very informative . thank you

Julie from Canada
yes it was

Benny from Modesto, CA
Pat Morgan has got a piece of scripture that can not be ignored. I to have done a lot of research on this. In Genesis 6:20 it says, "the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautifiul, and they married any of them they chose". Why did God say, sons of God and daughters of men? Because he distinguished them apart. He could of said, sons of men married daughters of men or sons of God married daughters of God.

Rabbi Stanley
As I've said in the article above, we see the term "Son's of G-d" used to describe G-dly men. It says daughters of men because these were not righteous women. To answer the other question, there wasn't a genetic anomaly BECAUSE they slept with these women, they were already giants (large people)! I hope this helps.

r.s. neaville from greenville texas
idiocy...the bible clearly says that angels and women had children and were the nephilim...end of story.

Rabbi Stanley
The Bible also says that "All the world paid taxes to Ceaser". The American Indians didn't pay taxes to Ceaser. So sometimes you have to use some common sense as in this case. In the future, be respectful or I wont post your comments. Besides, Angels (and thus demons) don't have reproduction organs. The thought that they are running around having sex is the real idiocy.

Rabbi Stanley
For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Romans 8:19
For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Philippians 2:15
That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;

1 John 3:1
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

1 John 3:2
Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

researched from Illinois
What about the book of Jude, it speaks about this partiular subject.

derrick from cumbria
Ineresting, but one question....If the sons of GOD still marry sons of men today,,why are there offsping not giants also??? yours Derrick.

Derrick Cook from cumbria
,I should have said....If the sons of GOD still marry daughters of men today,why dont their children become giants?

Shalom Derrick,
You're misunderstanding the article. They were Giants who were righteous people then they married bad girls. They weren't giants because they were good people.

Nenka from Near Earth
Hey Rabbi Stanley, not to make this a racial issue but erm... wel... err.. it is intersting to note that with most ancient findings seeming to depict a Moorish type (dark skinned) person as the oldest in discoveries, evidenced by tut ank Amen skull shape, Lucy, other hyroglyphics (dark people) sun diety's (Melanin contracting) Incan, egyptian and Mayan statues with obvious features of dark skinned people, it seems highly strange and unconvincing that any one (especially a Rabbi) in this Aquarian age of information, truth and uncovering, could entertain the egocentric myth that a caucasion being could occupy such a position more than 6,000 years ago.
Therefore it is my human duty as a natural dweller in this day of truth to set the record straight and thus no longer passify the needs of the myth of ruling a supremacy class. In the aquarian age a spade is a spade.
No Rabbi they live on and still leave their Genetic print in the so called black people of today, they today still after being suspisciously being forced from thiere original extraterestial practices of Astrology, still maintain (though compromised through force fed religion) a spiritual connection with Anu. They still have certain endurance levels unknown to other races which have kept them alive even through the most magnificent and premeditated genocide known to man. They age slowly almost in accordance with another Solar system. These people have been systematically taught a history of slavery alone, detaching them from their glorious contributions to western society in the way of Medicine (Egypt), Alchemy (Hermes), Geometry (Moorish) even Architecture (The Whitehouse, Washington DC., Casa Blanca/Benjamin Banneka Bey) Suspiciously been encouraged to busy themselves in music, sport and idle activities to surely keep the mind in slumber.As Hesed quoted "You are what you know." It appears to me as though it is truly time for us to let go of the ego, handle the truth put racial prejudices back in the piscean age where it belongs with Caesar and the church and look for solution where it lies right beneath your nose because the only thing to lose is pride and thats a SIN.
Tut tut
We will continue the Lies.
A blue eyed woman.

"Well, back in the ancient days of Noah when there were still groups or tribes of large people who were around 12 feet tall..."

Umm...evidence??? Just case you say it, doesn't make it true. Facts have multiple sources which corroborate to define a truth.

Rabbi Stanley
Shalom scientist,
You can look it up... it's easily found.

My goodness. You certainly have a lot of comments. I have read quite a few articles and I haven't come across any that seem to have raised as much controversy as this. I enjoyed your article very much, though I'm from the wierd camp that believes the Nephilim were the product of human daughters and fallen angels. If I'm not mistaken, hasn't that been the traditional teaching of Jewish rabbis down through the centuries?

Rabbi Stanley
Shalom Anonymous,
Your entilted to your opinion, I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Traditionally, Rabbis have not taught or believed in demons having sex with people.
Thanks for writing in.

Gabriel from Jerusalem
You folks are one crazy bunch of dummies. (no offense)

Do you really think that - if a superior beings like N...ms should really exist, that the would meddle or - even worse - have sex with stupid humans.

Thats like if you people would have relations with some chimps...!!!

(Besides the anatomical fact that there would be no "fruit"...)

Go home, water your daysies, pray to who- or whatever your god is; but for pete's sake stop littering the world with your ignorant opinions...

You'd be much better off. And HE too.

Bless you all.

You should take your own advice.

reymie from texas
wow, the article and the comments have really opened my line of thinking up. i believe that nephilim r the offspring of women and fallen angels. i will do more research tho. thanks to u Rabbi for a great disussion, reymie zuniga, texas

Several years ago, while researching this same topic, I came upon a reference to the sons of god. It quoted from the ancient Canaanite language. Reference was made to the equivalent expression in that language (totally unpronouncable to me.) These "mighty men of old" were called the " sons of the gods" My thaught was and still is that this expression could have been the origin of the problem. In Hebrew, I assume it would become "sons of God" because making the word god plural may be tantamount to supporting polytheism. Am I nuts? possibly, but it is an interesting thaught.

P.S to my previous comment about the nephalim. Much has been said about angels and their lack of sex organs. Consider this thaught. Since we know that there were angels who "kept not their first estate", Could it be that these beings, perhaps I should call them demons (the correct terminology). One thing is horrifically clear that and that is, demons can and do possess human hosts. My next question is "What would happen if such a being were to mate with a human female, the host himself also being human?" Would there not be the possibility of offspring and would this not also solve the problem of who the offspring were? This view totally eradicates the idea that fallen angels can't produce offspring. In this way, they certainly could and the offspring would be totally human. Bye for now!

Rabbi Stanley; Re. my two entries above. I'm somewhat confused. I know Greek but not Hebrew and I have a linguistic type question. What's the difference between nephalim and nephilim?

Rabbi Stanley
Both nephalim and nephilim are transliterations of the same word in Hebrew. Spelled Nun, Fay, Lamed, and Mem-so-feet. As far as your other comment. If a possesed woman gets pregnant, it is from another human being and the genetics are from 2 human beings... not from a spirit.
Hope that helps

That was my thinking also. The next logical question would be "Could these purely human offspring be the the "giants" mentioned? This would be more logical than saying that these giants were angel-human hybrids. It could also explain the origin of the Philistines couldn't it?

I just realized that I have my genders mixed up! I guess I need to learn to think like a Rabbi. (No insult intended.) I've been getting the main characters in this scenario mixed up. The Sons of G-d are the good guys and the daughters of men are the other side. Right? In the scenario I've set up, it's quite possible that the bad angels possessed the daughters of men. The intent being to seduce them away from serving God. The expected result of this arrangement was, of course, (human) offspring. Now, I think I've got it straight. The question that arises now is "Were the offspring the Nephalim?" Any insights on that one?
Biz (a very old nickname of mine.)

Rabbi Stanley
How do I ask you questions about other topics? I don't have a working email.

Rabbi Stanley

Suppiluliuma from Chicago, IL
I just finished wathing the movie "The Fallen." It is kind of a fun "good guy vs. "bad guy" movie (with shades of Star Wars), but not much more. What the movie did, however, was to remind me the inordinate attention given to angels, both in spiritual and secular circles. As someone who has studied, both Greek and Hebrew, along with Akkadian, Hittite, and a few other ancient languages, I certainly have some opinions on the role of angels in spiritual matters. They do have a role. What I would say here, however, is that for those who focus on the "fantastic" nature of angels, there is a good chance that they will miss the real message that overrides angels and their purpose in creation, that being the message of Christ. As Paul writes in Colossians 2:18, you should "Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things that he has not seen, but puffed up by his fleshly mind (KJV)." The NIV translates the verse as "Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has not seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions." This practice is, of course, not new. In the medieval world, scholars wasted their time arguing over how many angels could stand on the tip of a needle. Futile, needless, useless (and probably damaging) conjecture that focused on the created rather than the creator. Much of the current discussion, as interesting as it may be, falls in that same category. What then should be the object of our gaze into the spiritual world. Paul writes clearly in I Corinthians 15 that the real message in the Bible and in the spiritual world is that of God taking on the form of man, coming into this world, taking on our sins, dying on the cross, but then being raised from the dead as the first fruit of the redemptive process. The angels minister to this risen Christ so when you think of angels, you should cast your glance beyond those creatures who minister and focus on the one whom they minister to, the one who came from heaven, took on human flesh, and bought our redemption from sin (Romans 3:23/6:23) with his own blood. That's when we realize just how amazing is the grace we have received, a grace none of us deserve.

Scogos.com from New York
The Nephilims were the descendants of the Anunnakis, the creators of the ancestors of modern Caucasian race. Therefore, the Caucasians have the DNA and the blood of the Anunnakis in them.

Rabbi Stanley
There isn't any support for that.

sioda from Michigan
Interesting discussion...I will certainly do my own research but it seems to me we are talking about an oral tradition that was recorded while the Israelites were captives in Babylon if I am not mistaken so other cultural oral traditions might have had an impact on the written form of this long held oral tradition would it not?

Rabbi Stanley
This story of the Nephalim is in the Torah so I hold it to be authoratative. Otherwise, I may think the same thing.